Day 1 – Philadelphia 142 miles

And so we set off for the ubiquitous ‘Road’!

En route to Philadelphia, the ominous fog of the last few days had crystallized into bouts of rain and haze. Prior to this trip, I’d been spending a lot of time in the woods, aside from shows, so I-95 sure felt like a scene from ‘The Running Man’: kamikaze trucks careening from their lane into yours and the hulking rusting sights of Bloomsdale and Camden — stark reminders of the American cities’ uncertain hold on life.

I’ve got an excellent travel partner in Tracy, and aside from some iPad-induced motion sickness, she’s been just peachy. It would hard to find a bigger heart to carry on the road.

Tonight, we’ll play Lickity Split for the early show and then Time for the late night show, both in downtown Philly! Double duty to kick things off in Philly’s great downtown area. I was especially drawn to the ‘Center for Oddfellows’, but we didn’t have time to check it out. We were both impressed with some pretty funky architecture.

Lickity Split: looks like an ice cream parlor downstairs, very cool joint. We immediately struck up conversation with most of the folks upstairs, many of whom were looking to play and others there just to enjoy. Kelvin from The Absolute Zeros and a great character from the Ilse of Wight ran the show and we met a few other bookers, so an overall success.

-Portland Song
-Amie (Pure Prarie League)
-Baila Luna

Time: this is a venue-like bar connected to a whiskey bar! A beautifully deadly combo; given it was the first night of many singing and connecting with people, I begrudgingly avoided the Whiskey Bar. Very hip joint. When we walked in, the 3 piece was playing the Allman brothers “One Way Out,” then teased some Phish. Everyone was friendly and we exchanged a lot of information with folks. My cards are getting a huge response, which I’m pleased to see… People like the design, although the number one comment of the night was “it looks like the card from American Psycho”. Geez, former life, lady!

I got a few hoots and hollers during the climb in P Song. Baila Luna always turns a head or two, and the bar got moving when the band joined me for Scarlet Begonias! We’ll be back!

-That’s Some Dream (Good Old War)
-Portland Song
-Baila Luna
-Head Full of Doubt (Avett Brothers)
-Scarlet Begonias (GD, w/ band)

Goodbye Philly, you’re a kind and hip city. We’re going to lick the Liberty Bell today then it’s off to Harrisburg!



About gatsbygreenlight

I am an natural economist, artist, musician, songwriter and a supporter of the planet and sustainable living. I am the author of Annalee and the Forever Smile, a Harry Potter of Sustainability and Little House on the Prairie for this generation. Annalee is a multi-novel, multi-film franchise in the YA sci-fi fantasy genre. I am a musician and songwriter with Gatsby's Green Light and as a soloist and have released over 10 albums. More info at I promote tangible trillion dollar markets in Sustainability at Promoting Love, Compassion and Intelligence.

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