Day 2 – Harrisburg PA – 248 miles

We woke up early in Philly and decided to go for a swim. Tracy had outfitted me with flippers, hand fins, and sleek mirrored goggles BUT, alas, the pool was undergoing renovations! Luckily, the breakfast and the staff at the Sheraton eased our disappointment with good breakfast and conversation. Though the weather was a little iffy, we still managed to get some sightseeing in. Though the staff told Tracy it was “deeply inappropriate” to lick the Liberty Bell, it was extremely cool seeing this part of our country’s history. In a wooden sculpture of quotes, we found some real gems. I feel like this one still really applies to our time:

“Either America will destroy ignorance or ignorance will destroy the United States.”   W.E.B. Dubois

Next, we stopped by World Cafe Live, an amazing venue, and paid a visit to WXPN 88.5. Look for an on-air performance on the trip back! We also met the booker, so look to see GGL or OCJB down on that amazing stage in 2012. While wondering around the restaurant, studio and main stage, we stumbled upon a tech conference, which we invaded and ended up finding few cool start ups. One in particular, Elect Next (, aims to match voters with like minded-politicians. In today’s anarchical political climate, with media fueled blow-ups around every corner, it’s nice to see those who strive to encourage bipartisan inclusion and education. Don’t people just want a good man or woman? We’re all flawed after all, let’s get serious.

Here is my pledge to you: Ken Coulson is about inclusion and promoting positivity, so I will always share the good efforts, ideas, and intentions here. My exposure to the philosophy of inclusion came from Dr. J. Johnson, the Dean of the School of Music at University of Bridgeport, CT.

So, off to Harrisburg and Stage on HERR. For those, that haven’t been, this is an amazing venue with art and music flowing everywhere. I’ve played here a few times now and the people here are doing a great job with the vibrant art scene in Harrisburg, PA

Stage on HERR 12/7/11

Portland Song

Baila Luna

The Way

Letters of My Youth

SOH was packed, they had done a Green Toys for Tots event earlier that day. Music is a multi-way conversation that can transcend the need for traditional conversation; I believe it in very deeply. Dennis played percussion and the room really responded well to us! We whooped them up and in turn they whooped us up and so on and so forth until we were done!

We spoke with and met about 50 folks afterward. It was here I got to speak to a few people about more than just songs and why I love Beer. We ended up speaking at length with Ben, a young writer, about music, pop culture, technology and globalization. I am refreshed that Americans are aware and engaged about the issues and they want solutions, generally, I think we came to a consensus that there just could be about 4-5 declinable political parties and thus it ain’t just black and white. There’s no reason to fit yourself with one label and forget all the critical thought that got you there in the first place! Ben had an interesting point that “globalization has destroyed culture but the internet is now creating all of these little sub-cultures”. I didn’t fully disagree but worried for the romanticism of the sub-cultures and the actual output that comes from them. People still need to engage to form real community and there are vast security and economic consequences of such a rapid globalization. I also believe the wide open internet with few limits has not lead to a thought evolution but a value devolution, in large. Also, I think Ben was less aware of the impact of globalization and technology on commerce and the vast wasteland of the unemployed the rapid change is leaving in it’s path. So we’ve covered labels, and how they shut down future possibilities…

Music is all about awareness after all and writing is all about drinking and that’s where some people get confused. I can appreciate the mild cynic, the magician with answers up his sleeve, whose target is ignorance and dimwittedness, whose goal is illumination, however slight, to the greater truths of an America in backwardization, halfway through their morning concoction of ether and smelling salts, the new wave speed ball du jour. For what does our future hold if we don’t grasp and shape it in a positive manner now? Do we hide behind free speech in lieu of the corruption of our children? Do we sacrifice our identity to a series of bits and bytes and an algorithmic match of those like us past? Do we value the lowest price of hand made domestic quality? I would say no, and I don’t believe that I am alone. And yes, if you’re reading this far, I am setting you up. Keep in mind the artist communities of the 60’s were 1/2 the country — smart, aware, engaged, and deeply powerful.

Back to touring Martha, today we get to have a little fun. Well first-off, the sun is out! Secondly, we get to go play and stay at a haunted place in Manheim, PA called the Farmer’s Hope Inn. Tracy is set on reorganizing our trusty steed, she’s peculiar that way, I’ll ask the Ghosts for some answers.

Stretch Sing Flow



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