Day 8: Rockville, MD 579 miles

We’ve been in the D.C. area for 4 days or so and the people have been great. Folks are engaged and generally aware about politics and opportunity. I know some very smart 20 somethings that are skeptical about their future, and for good reason. OUR history on this rock, I mean our personal history, is short. Humankind’s history is not much longer, but we can certainly learn from it. The current generation did not create the current consumerist generation plaint with technology, fast money and brutal feedback alone. It was kind of a logical place to hide from the build-borrow-buy boom of the 80’s and the Boomer generation, high on credit. They do have to deal with it though and it won’t be easy.

We had a tremendous breakfast at the Silver Diner. If I were to die in a Pulp Fiction-like shootout in a diner, this is the place I would choose. Just let me have 3 cups of coffee first.

Rockville, MD was the home of O.A.R. and, thus, I was excited to check it out and see what vibration were still kicking around. We played at the Branded 72 Pit BBQ that night and never really touched a downtown area, so that was it. The place was very cool though, the food top notch, and our hosts Erika and Jen made us feel right at home. There was a man, Hoss, asleep at the bar, when we arrived. The locals said he was about 100. When he was called up to play though, he couldnt have been more vibrant, soulful and alive. One of his buddies joined him on the harp for some really great sounds. Tracy went to chat with them afterwards but missed her window… Hoss was fast asleep in a booth within minutes. Some great playing and great sound was a foot and we certainly hope to be back!

Branded 72 Pit BBQ, Rockville, MD

America, I see You

Portland Song

The Way

Letters of My Youth


Tomorrow it’s off to Columbia, the city of my youth. Maybe I find some letters, eh?



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