In Between Sleeping Moments

I’ve been thinking a lot about dreams lately,.. here I am up at 5:34am not sleeping particularly well since returning from a month out and about whereI was playing music, and doing the things I love. It was certainly a profound trip, but the sleep of the ages has eluded me upon my return. My sister in law is a Buddhist and deeply into meditation and she believes I am capable of some deeper meditations she’s not yet been able to achieve. It has something to do with the ability to lucidly dream. I do it from time to time, I have a few recurring dreams which have run for, at times, years. I began thinking that dreaming might be more that a subconscious barb dealing with our ID’s, Oedipus complexes and all in between mental complexes but an entirely different world in which to try new things and access the heart more completely.

I only wish for great and beautiful things to touch in this life and they are there right in front of me. And I cannot look back and I must give myself to this beauty more completely. Not the human world of constant competition of which I realize now only love can conquer, but the natural world in which time is the only true king and conquers all over it’s reign. Man and his ego, responsible for some much unavoidable suffering, DO you long to dream up a better world or do you seek a momentary win upon which the head can convince itself of immortally or legacy. The only true legacy is selflessness, that which confounds the keeper of things, the expecter of gifts, and the lamenter of inability. The only true legacy is selflessness and now I can sleep


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I am an natural economist, artist, musician, songwriter and a supporter of the planet and sustainable living. I am the author of Annalee and the Forever Smile, a Harry Potter of Sustainability and Little House on the Prairie for this generation. Annalee is a multi-novel, multi-film franchise in the YA sci-fi fantasy genre. I am a musician and songwriter with Gatsby's Green Light and as a soloist and have released over 10 albums. More info at I promote tangible trillion dollar markets in Sustainability at Promoting Love, Compassion and Intelligence.

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  1. Dreams give us insight into our sub-conscious. My years of dream journals are a more poignant look into what was really happening at the time than journal entries of “real-life” events. Dreams allow a more controlled environment for psychological processing.
    Meditation is the path to lucid dreaming. Meditation is the practice of controlling your consciousness. When meditating before falling asleep, as thoughts enter your mind, you examine them objectively, and let them pass. When the dream thoughts come, you examine them and choose to let them pass, or jump in.

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