Someday When You’re Older



Someday, when you’re older


Someday, when you’re older; You will realize that all of your anger was misplaced And that the only emotion capable of true transformation is love and that your love is your most powerful asset.

Someday, when you’re older; you’ll see that this life was never about chasing short-term pleasure or money but a one-time chance to transcend to simple things, build strong meaningful relationships, help others, and cherish our magnificent planet.

Someday, when you’re older; You will know the meaning of Wisdom and the value of imparting it upon others.

Someday, as you’re sunsets get shorter. You will appreciate each one in a whole knew way. Those days with sand between your toes or grass at your feet will become your most valuable moments.

Someday, you’ll see that your only tool in dealing with negativity is forgiveness and love and only those things can change the heart.

Someday you’ll see that Heaven and Hell exist on Earth and if you have the choice to create a brighter day for others you’re in the right place. Someday, you won’t be able to un-see the persecution and starvation of others.

Someday, you’ll wake up and watch you’re hands open and close and feel you’re breathe deep within you. You’ll understand the world inside you as the deepest Universe there will ever be.

Someday you’ll realize that breath and the sun and the water are what make this all possible. You’ll see that you are powerless and it will be the most freeing moment you’ll ever have.

Someday you’ll see our current collective reality is only one possible outcome. Someday you’ll speak up about the inarguable truths taught by nature, science, and art.

Someday, you’ll let go.

Someday, you’ll see that you have two Mothers and if your lucky enough to have them both equally as kind you will be blessed. Someday you will choose not to throw away that blessing.

Someday you will see that the laws of those kind Mothers are the only things that are sustainable and all of the answer are there for your taking. And you’re giving.


Your someday may be the last millisecond of your life. After your heart stops and your final brain impulses are firing. Or maybe on your deathbed, will you be able to speak?

Will you get your wisdom across?

Someday you’ll understand the most beautiful thing. That someday can be today. With all the love I have I believe this.



About gatsbygreenlight

I am an natural economist, artist, musician, songwriter and a supporter of the planet and sustainable living. I am the author of Annalee and the Forever Smile, a Harry Potter of Sustainability and Little House on the Prairie for this generation. Annalee is a multi-novel, multi-film franchise in the YA sci-fi fantasy genre. I am a musician and songwriter with Gatsby's Green Light and as a soloist and have released over 10 albums. More info at I promote tangible trillion dollar markets in Sustainability at Promoting Love, Compassion and Intelligence.

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